Best-in-class services
We have created best-in-class services & products that can be tailored to your specific needs. Whether you’re a 50 million or 50 billion dollar project, our dedicated Relationship Management team will book a call with you to determine the most suitable action plan for your project.
The primary listing of a cryptocurrency on the secondary market is of paramount importance to a successful token launch. As the market leaders in day-one exchange listings, we have successfully launched hundreds of small cap tokens on the top 50 exchanges.

Our service is characterised by:
  • Long-term outperformance of the global market in various market conditions
  • Niche experience in market making for varied DeFi and NFT projects, including top 50 NFT collections.
  • Strong relationship with DAOMaker, affording us advisory expertise in marketing, tokenomics, whitepaper creation and community growth strategies.
Day-one exchange listings
Professional market makers are uniquely positioned to jump-start the trading of your token. We provide depth, liquidity, and spread on a defined cryptocurrency by introducing bid and ask limit orders on an exchange, deploying award-winning risk management strategies and execution to build strong market share in complex and volatile market conditions.
Traditional market making
Our high-frequency algorithmic trading technology allows for an optimal execution (Smart Liquidation) policy for projects, requiring the undertaking of large buy or sell orders.
Optimal execution
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